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Hardcover, paperback, on-demand, or digital—Studio E Books handles it all.

Clothbound Hardcover

Trade and limited editions

Trade Paperback

Superior quality medium- and large-format editions

Economy Paperback

Ideal for private publication, advance/demo copies, and very small quantities


We provide trouble-free, print-ready digital files for print-on-demand printers (as well as for traditional offset printers), customized to the printer’s requirements. However, we do not handle on-demand printing ourselves. Material specs depend on the printer’s offerings, and we will be glad to assist you in selecting the right materials.


E-books files are provided in ePub format and guaranteed to validate with Epubcheck. Please see the E-Books page for more information.



Books that you may carry to the fire and hold readily in your hand,
are the most useful after all.
—Samuel Johnson