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Studio E Books (Santa Barbara, California) specializes in book editing, design, typography, layout, and production for publishers, self-publishers, and writers, with over 20 years experience in all aspects of book publishing and clients all over the USA. All subjects, all formats. See our portfolio.

California's Knight on a Golden Horse
The Best Last Place
The Santa Barbara County Courthouse
From My Hands to Yours
Silver Tongue


Services Studio E Books is a complete book packaging service. From raw manuscript to delivered book, Studio E provides editing, text and illo preparation, book design, typesetting, and digital or camera-ready layouts ready for the printer. We also broker printing and shipping, delivering finished books ready to read, and supply digital files for print-on-demand and e-books. Our extensive experience in all aspects of publishing can enhance your project in ways you probably never thought of. Even if you're considering an online publisher, please consider our services as well.

E-Books We create and convert e-books in popular .epub and .mobi formats, allowing you to publish new works at minimal expense, or breathe new life into back list books.

Portfolio Samples of some of more than 400 published titles in all subjects: novels, short stories, poetry, nonfiction, cooking, literary criticism, fine arts, social issues, WWII, Judaica/Holocaust, health and recovery, and more. Specializing in Californiana, Santa Barbara local history, mystery novels, and memoir. The samples range in style from classic to modern, including several "period" styles.

Specifications Specializing in Limited and Trade Hardcover and Trade Paperback, editions of 250 and up. All trade editions meet or exceed U.S. retail standards. We also offer lower-cost Economy Paperback editions of 100 and up, and trouble-free files for print-on-demand and e-book readers.

Estimates With today's digital technology book making can be economical at every level, and it is available to everyone. Each project is tailored to its own needs and budget. Use the Estimate Request Form for a written estimate, or send a query.


We believe that books can last many lifetimes if equal care is given to their
writing, design, manufacture, and reading.

Above all, a book is to enjoy.